Gary Vaynerchuk's Bookstore Appearance  

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Gary Vaynerchuk author of Crushing It spoke candidly about his "spiel." He began with his beginnings, gratitude, and his mid-life crisis at 30.

I found his words very inspiring. Here is some great bullet points I took from the 30 minute video he posted on his twitter.

*"Content is at an all time high." Your personal brand is your most important brand. It will cost you mostly "sweat equity." Most people will not win at this because they don't have patience. Everybody is busy looking at their analytics and stats. When he first started his Wine Library TV, "nobody cared" for the first 18 months, but he never gave up.

*Content and customer service is most important, not twitter, facebook, and google wave... But you need to respect a thing like twitter and facebook if you are in business... Word of mouth is what closes in business, not advertising" 8 out of 10 times.

*In the end "the best storyteller wins."

*"The internet is the most underrated thing in our society...We should all be in the content business. Why let someone else have it." Now everybody's opinion counts and matters.

*"Your legacy is better than currency." What will your grandkids think of you? Because it will all be logged on the internet.

*"This is not an age game, it is a dna thing."

Check out the whole video here and let me know what you think. :)

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